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GIVE ME FIVE featuring Elmo Magalona

GIVE ME FIVE things you can’t live without.

Phone, wallet, food, water, computer.

GIVE ME FIVE names of people you look up to.

Kanye West, LeBron James, Robert Downey, Jr., Edu Manzano and probably Oprah Winfrey.

GIVE ME FIVE fitness tips.

When you crave for snacks, just drink water. Don’t eat after 9 pm, and then no carbs after 7pm. Mostly, puro time-based siya, pero it really works. And then, as much as possible, stay natural sa food na kinakain mo. If you can, go to the gym, kasi 70% diet, and 30% comes from the gym.

GIVE ME FIVE of your favorite activities.

Hanging out with family, playing video games, basketball, eating and watching movies.

GIVE ME FIVE ways to get your crush to notice you.

‘Yung ginagawa ko? Siguro, magpapaimpress, pero be yourself. Make them feel special. Kailangan mong magtiyaga, tapos YOLO (You Only Live Once)! You have to dive in. Kailangan mong magpapansin.

GIVE ME FIVE names of women whom you find sexy.

Beyonce, Heart Evangelista, Solenn Heussaff, and there’s this model. Candice something…Candice Swanepoel! Lastly, si Kendall Jenner.

For more updates about Elmo Magalona, log on to -Interview by Samantha Portillo, Photo by Bochic Estrada, 



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